The Temple of Grimnir

the Halls of the Slayer cult is closed for all who is not part of the cult
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 Rank Rules

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PostSubject: Rank Rules   Mon Jun 18, 2007 6:20 pm

thoughs who join The Slayer Cult will be known as Slayers from that day forth
as they grow in honor they will be juged by the Master and his Right Hand(admin) for there worth

when a member reace an honor lvl of 2000 he will be promoted to Troll Slayer if he/she has not already gaind that titel

when the Troll Slayer reace the honor lvl of 5000 he/she will be put on the test of the Titan they will have to fight 2 Titan Slayers who then must say if they think the Troll Slayer is ready for the titel of Titan Slayer (in few cases the Master or his Right Hand can chose to bestow that titel to those they feel can be trusted with this greatest of titels)

if a Titan Slayer wish it he/she can challenge the Master of the cult for the leadership of the cult

in cases of great shame to the cult the Slayer who is the cours of this can be demoted to Member for a week
a Member has no rights and can not read or writ in any cult halls and so cant be hear if they have any wishes

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Rank Rules
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